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10 Iconic Black Cartoon Characters

In this blog, we have discussed the 10 most iconic black cartoon characters of all time. Their detailed information is written in summarized form. We have also ranked them in perfect order.

Hello guys and welcome to another fascinating and informative blog. As we all know, undoubtedly, Black Cartoon Characters are one of the most attractive and amazing characters in any animated film or series. However, as they are not very common, it’s a quite difficult task to find them. But still, no worries, because we are not only going to discuss but also rank the “10 Iconic Black Cartoon Characters” in today’s blog. Only to help you guys in determining the best Black Cartoon Characters of all time. So without any further delays, let’s begin our discussion.

Top 10 Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Black Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Belong to the Respective Owners

10. Cleveland Brown Jr. – The Cleveland Show (2009)

Black Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: 20th Television Animation

So the first and the last ranked one in our queue is Cleveland Brown Jr. He is the son of one of the main Black Cartoon Characters in the most popular series “Family Guy”, Cleveland Brown. The character also appears in the spin-off series based on his father named “The Cleveland Show”. In this spin-off series, the adventures of Cleveland Brown when he travels Stoolbend, Virginia with his family are plotted. Cleveland Brown Jr. is surely one of the most fascinating black cartoon characters and is much loved by the audience as well. And that’s a reason, he is here in our listings.

9. Sokka – Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)

Black Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Nickelodeon

The next on our list is Sokka, from the most famous Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Chief Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe and Kya’s only son, Sokka, is one of the warriors of the water tribe. He is the elder brother of Katara, a girl with water-bending expertise. Sokka became alone in his childhood when her mother accidentally died during an unexpected attack by Fire Nation militants. Moreover, when his father leaves for a war against them with all the men of the tribe. However, Sokka wanted to go with him, to help out him, but still because he was too young for this. Therefore, his father left him with his younger sister Katara and grandmother Kanna. Sokka is most probably one of the most amazing black cartoon characters of all time.

8. Mr. T – Mister T (1983)

Black Cartoon Characters Mr. T
Picture Courtesy: Ruby-Spears Productions

Mr. T is one of the most popular Hollywood actors of the 80s and a popular black cartoon character as well. The cartoon character of Mr. T appeared in an animated series of the same name. This series was a dedication to the celebrity, due to his high and constantly increasing popularity. And that’s the reason it was named after his name Mister T. In the series, we have seen the popular public figure helping out a new gymnastics team and solving various puzzles and mysteries along with them as well. It ended up only after running a few seasons and was not too successful. However, it will be always remembered because it makes the tradition of black cartoon characters very common.

7. Valerie Gray – Danny Phantom (2004)

Valerie Gray cartoon character
Picture Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Valerie Gray is one of the main antagonists, of “Danny Phantom”, one of the most famous animated series of all time. When Valeria’s father loses his job due to an accident that was originally caused by a ghost dog in Episode 20 of the series. Her life takes a big turn. This accident made her family’s financial life very hard. When she was gifted with a suit and gears used for ghost-haunting by Vlad Masters. Valerie decided to take revenge on all the ghosts for what they did with his father and family.

She kept working under his commands until she discovered that he was a half-ghost as well and using herself for his ambitions only. Moreover, if we talk about her nature, then she is quite superficial and irascible. However, she is the biggest enemy of Danny but still sometimes she does romance with him as well. She is one of the greatest black cartoon characters we have in any animated series or film.

6. AJ – The Fairly OddParents (2001)

AJ The Fairly OddParents cartoon character (2001)
Picture Courtesy: Nickelodeon

AJ is another popular cartoon character from a well-known series ‘The Fairly OddParents”. He is one of the best friends of Timmy Turner. By characteristics, AJ is very intellectual. He is smarter than his age. Although he is from a rich family, still he is a much-disliked character due to his bad social expertise. However, the good thing is he is not alone, his other two friends Timmy and Chester are quite infamous for the same reason as well. This amazing cartoon character is the one and only one who ever gets passed in the class of Mr. Crocker. Moreover, AJ also won the science fair which once took place in his school as well. He is undoubtedly one of the most favorite black cartoon characters, sincerely loved by the audience.

5. Bumblebee – Teen Titans Go (2013)

Bumblebee Teen Titans Go cartton character (2013)
Picture Courtesy: DC Entertainment

Bumblebee is another one of the most popular black cartoon characters, mostly appearing in the famous DC franchise Teen Titans. She is one of the founding members and the former leader of a group of Titans in the eastern region named “Titans East”. This group has an affiliation with Teen Titans. It is also a subsidiary of Titans International as well. Bumblebee, by nature, is a very amazing and cool character having awesome powers and abilities.

She can fly in the air, can reduce her body size, and even can counter against mind control as well. The original name of this fictional superhero is Karen Beecher. The things that inspire the fans more about her are that she is a very positive person, and has her own unique opinions and suggestions on almost every affair. Despite these outstanding characteristics, still she is not a very strong character. Because she can’t her temper sometimes which results in very devastating situations.

4. Numbuh 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door (2002)

Numbuh 5 Codename Kids Next Door cartoon character (2002)
Picture Courtesy: Cartoon Network

Numbuh 5 is a character that we all know very well. Because it is one of the main characters from our favorite childhood show” Kids Next Door” also abbreviated as K.N.D sometimes. Kids Next Door is an absolutely interesting and beloved animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The plot of the series revolves around five kids running an undisclosed organization with a mission to protect the basic rights, especially of kids. Numbuh 5 is one of the most favorite black cartoon characters of various childhoods. If we discuss her nature, then she is quite intelligent, courageous, and responsible. She is an armament specialist and deputy of Numbuh 1. One of her best qualities is that she never back down from sacrificing her life for the sake of her friends and responsibilities.

3. Cleveland Brown – Family Guy (1999)

Cleveland Brown cartoon character Family Guy (1999)
Picture Courtesy: 20th Television Animation

Cleveland Brown is another one of the amazing and most loved black cartoon characters. He appears in two popular animated series, “Family Guy” and “The Cleveland Show’ as well. Both of these shows are very popular among the audience nowadays. In both of these series, this interesting cartoon character is shown very prominently. However, in the Family Guy series, he is a secondary main character, while in his spin-off series, he is the main protagonist. The nature of Cleveland is too good, he is always willing to become a good father as well as husband. He always gave much importance to his family and could do anything for them. On the other hand, he is a character who doesn’t hesitate and has full confidence to say and stand for whatever he thinks is correct or wrong as well.

2. Valerie Brown – Josie and the Pussy Cats (1970)

Valerie Brown Josie and the Pussy Cats character (1970)
Picture Courtesy: Hanna-Barbera

Valeria Brown is a popular cartoon character from Josie and the Pussycats, a famous 1970 animated show. Valeria is one of the first black cartoon characters who appeared as a leading character in any animated series. She is part of a nominal music band comprised completely of girls named the same as the show. Valeria is a tambourine player in it. She is very skillful, powerful, and self-assured by nature as well. In addition to that she is very intellectual as well and always helps her band to solve various kinds of puzzling mysteries. That’s why she is quite similar to Scooby-Doo’s Velma and Dee Dee Skyes, from Teen Angles and Captain Caveman, in characteristics. Valerie’s character is a role model for almost all young black ladies.

1. Gerald Johanssen – Hey Arnold! (1996)

Gerald Johanssen Hey Arnold! cartonn character (1996)
Picture Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Gerald Johanssen is probably one of the best and the most popular black cartoon characters of all time. The character is one of the secondary main protagonists in the famous Nickelodeon program “Hey Arnold!” The story of that show revolves around a young boy named Arnold, who lives with his grandparents. In each episode, Arnold gets a new and difficult problem to solve with his best friend Gerald.

There is also a girl named Helga in the series, which in front bully Arnold but loves him covertly as well. If we discuss Gerald then his nature is too much friendly. And he is too much self-assertive, charming, and street-smart guy. In addition to that, he is very intelligent and humorous as well. Gerald also has a girlfriend named Phoebe. The best thing about this black cartoon character is that he is very sincere with his best friend Arnold and always gets ready to help him out in every situation.


So in the end, the final thoughts for today’s blog are that as we all know black cartoon characters’ popularity and demand in the market by the audience is increasing day by day. And it’s not only because of their unique physical appearances but their fascinating features as well. However, still there are not very easy to find, and that’s the reason why we have discussed “10 Iconic Black Cartoon Characters” here in this blog. Hopefully, guys you have enjoyed reading it, stay tuned with us for more fun. Thanks for reading.

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