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10 Iconic Cartoon Characters with Blue Hair

We have discussed the 10 iconic cartoon characters with blue hair, including their basic information, appearance, and other features in detail.

Hello guys, and welcome to another amazing and interesting blog. Our Today’s blog is going to be very exciting as well as informative for all of you. As we are going to discuss about 10 Iconic Cartoon Characters with Blue Hair. Blue hairs are one of the most attractive hair colors in almost every era. Therefore Characters with Blue Hair are always also very popular, but not very common. So in this blog, we will discuss the 10 cartoon characters having blue-shaded hairs. Now let’s get towards the topic, guys.

Characters with Blue Hair
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10 Cartoon Characters with Blue Hair

10. Emily – Corpse Bride

Emily – Corpse Bride character
Picture Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

Firstly we have the cartoon character, Emily from the animated feature film Corpse Bride. She is one of the characters with blue hair. According to the storyline, Emily was a rich and skillful lady. But unfortunately, she was get murdered by Barkis Bittern, her former partner for the sake of wealth. Emily’s body and hair turned blue, after her death. The twist in her story begins when she meets Victor, a bashful man, who soon going to marry a girl named Victoria. In the movie, Emily helps Victor to get married to Victoria and saves her from the trap of Barkis Bittern, who going plans to murder another rich girl after her.

9. Soarin – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Characters with Blue Hair
Picture Courtesy: Allspark Animation

The next in the queue is Soarin, a Pegasi pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is a Magic, animated series. He is also one of the Characters with Blue Hair. His blue-shaded hairs give him a unique and attractive look among the other little pony characters in the series. He is the husband of Rainbow Dash and the father of Gust. Moreover, Soarin is a member and vice-captain of an aerial acrobatics pony group named Wonderbolts. He often saves his friends from various problems.

8. Beast (X-Men)

Characters with Blue Hair
Picture Courtesy: Marvel Entertainment

The next character on our list is one of the starting fellows of the X-Men team, Dr. Henry McCoy. He is also known as Beast. This name is given to him because actually, he is a mutant, who can transform into a monstrous creature. In his monstrous form, his skin and hairs turn blue-furred. That’s why he is on this list. Despite this fact, he is very brilliant, sharp-minded, and a great geneticist by profession. In various adaptions, his character is shown as very friendly and often struggling with his appearance.

7. Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Hound character
Picture Courtesy: Hanna-Barbera Productions

While discussing this topic, how we can forget Hanna-Barbera Huckleberry Hound? As he is also one of the Characters with Blue Hair and fur. Huckleberry is the leading character in the series The Huckleberry Hound Show. He is generally a compassionate blue dog, who wears a hat, and a bowtie and often carries some kind of guitar along. His character is shown speaking as a southern drawl, helping out others with problems, and keep doing humorous adventures.

6. Herry Monster – Sesame Street

Characters with Blue Hair
Picture Courtesy: Sesame Workshop

Herry Monster is another monster having unique blue hair and a frizzy texture. He is some of the most popular characters in the Sesame Street series. His blue frizzy texture and remarkable hair gave him an entirely different and amazing look. They are undoubtedly a great cause of the character’s success and popularity. Herry is a very helpful and kind character, but always doubts his strength. He is most probably one of the most beloved characters with blue hair.

5. Grimmjow – Bleach

Characters with Blue Hair
Picture Courtesy: Studio Pierrot

Grimmjow from the Bleach anime and manga series is also one of the characters with Blue Hair. He is the primary rival and an important member of a group named Arrancar, often called the Group of powerful hallows. Grimmjow’s legendary blue hair and his strong and muscular physique attract the attention of almost everyone. Moreover, he has an evil laugh with the skull mask he wore on his mouth.

4. Clair – Pokemon

Clair – Pokemon character
Picture Courtesy: The Pokémon Company

Clair is a popular character in the Pokemon series. She has another blue hair cartoon character and is a gym leader at Johto Gym in the city of Blackthorn. Usually, Clair used to train dragon-type Pokemon, just like his champion Pokemon trainer cousin Lance. Her beautiful blue eyes and hair make her a pretty as well as a powerful woman. She is a strong and skillful lady, which she has proved many times.

3. Furrball – Tiny Toon Adventures

Furrball – Tiny Toon Adventures
Picture Courtesy: Warner Bros. Animation Art

In the third place, we have Furrball. A simple blue-haired cat lived in a carton box on the street of Acme Acres City. The Tiny Toon Adventures is the only series in which this cartoon character appears. If we describe his physical appearance, then he seems to be a poor cat. Having a bite hole in his ear and an injury that is wounded by some bandage on his tail. His characteristics are shown entirely differently than other characters in the series. Furrball’s Blue hair and unique characteristics make him interesting.

2. Sunil Nevla - Littlest Pet Shop

Sunil Nevla - Littlest Pet Shop
Picture Courtesy: Hasbro Studios

Sunil Nevla from Littlest Pet Shop is another character having blue hair. Undoubtedly, he has a very talented magician. His magical tricks help his friends many times in many cases. But still, sometimes, they go very wrong as well. Unexpected blasts are also very common in his tricks. If we talk about his friends then Vinnie Terrio is one of his close companions.

1. Princess Luna - My Little Pony: Friendship is a Magic

Princess Luna - My Little Pony: Friendship is a Magic
Picture Courtesy: Allspark Animation

Now lastly, at number one, there is a princess, named Luna. Princess Luna is a popular My Little Pony: Friendship is a Magic series character. She is also one of the characters with blue hair. Luna’s special transformation gives her the name of Nightmare Moon. Princess Luna is the major villain in season one of the series. Moreover, she is the younger sibling of Princess Celestia and the foster aunt of Princess Cadance. Her beautiful light blue eyes and dark blue hair make her a more attractive character throughout the series.


So in the end, the conclusion for today’s article is that guys, all the Characters with Blue Hair are special and beautiful. Each of them has an interesting story and distinctive qualities. This proves that they are completely amazing. However, they are not much easy to find out. And that’s the reason we have discussed the 10 iconic cartoon characters with blue hair today in this blog. Hopefully, you guys have learned about them easily and effectively. If you have any suggestions you can tell us in the comment section. Thanks for reading it, guys.

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