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Top 10 Iconic Green Cartoon Characters

In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 iconic green cartoon characters of all time. Their detailed information is written in summarized form. We have also ranked them in perfect order.

Hello Guys and welcome to another informative, interesting, and amazing blog. As we all know green cartoon characters are very rare due to their rareness they also have different personalities. It doesn’t matter that they are main characters or villains they have different personalities. That’s why we are writing this blog to provide you with detailed information about the top 10 iconic green cartoon characters of all time. Let’s begin.

Top 10 Green Cartoon Characters:

Green Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Belong to the Respective Owners

10. Rex:

Green Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios

Rex is the main character of the 1995 film Toy Story. He is a green Tyrannosaurus Rex. Moreover, he is a childlike dinosaur having low self-confidence. Furthermore, his owner is also Andy. Rex is always insecure and worries about his small roar. We have listed Rex at the end of the list because no doubt he is also from the most famous cartoon but doesn’t have any separate fan base.

9. Disgust:

Green Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios

Disgust is the main character of the 2015 Disney film Inside Out. In the storyline, they show the emotions of a young girl named Riley. Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust are the min five emotions of Riley. Disgust is green while joy is yellow, fear is purple, anger is red and sadness is blue. Disgust job is to keep Riley away from dangerous things like poison.

8. Arlo:

Green Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios

Arlo is the main character of the 2015 famous film The Good Dinosaur. He is a male green dinosaur. In the storyline, he is lost and helped by a Neanderthal boy named Spot to reunite with his family again. Moreover, he is a small Apatosaurus dinosaur. Furthermore, he is a brave, pantophobic, blod, kind, sweet, and fearful.

7. Beast Boy:

beast boy character
Picture Courtesy: Warner Bros. Animation

Beast Boy is the main character of the 2013 popular series Teen Titans Go. Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy, and Robin are the members of this amazing quintet. The creators of this amazing character are writer Arnold Drake and artist Bob Brown. Moreover, he is a green shapeshifter. He can change into any animal he wants to be. Furthermore, he is sociable and loves to be in the spotlight

6. Fiona:

fiona character shrek
Picture Courtesy: DreamWorks Animation

Fiona is the main character of the 2001 blockbuster film Shrek. She is a beautiful cursed princess having red hair, blue eyes, and wearing a green royal dress. Basically, she is the princess of Far Far Away and also the only child of King Harold and Queen Lillian. Moreover, she becomes a green ogre at night due to her curse and waits in the castle for her rescuer and curse breaker. But after meeting Shrek she decides to be an ogre for her whole life.

5. Yoda:

yoda character star wars
Picture Courtesy: Lucasfilm Animation

Yoda is a humanoid alien who is small in size but very intelligent. He is the strongest legendary Jedi Master. Jedi was also trained by him for more than 800 years. Moreover, he also played an integral role in Clone Wars. Furthermore, he is a very mysterious and complex character with unbelievable skills and intelligence. He looks like a small monkey with very weird-looking ears.

4. Plankton:

plankton character
Picture Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Plankton is the main character of the famous iconic show Sponge Bob Square Pants. He is the main antagonist character of this blockbuster show who always fails to snatch the secret recipe of the famous Krabby patty. Moreover, he also runs a restaurant in Bikini Bottom named The Chum Bucket. The Chum Bucket is an unsuccessful restaurant so we cannot say that it is a competitor for Krusty Krab. Plankton has a computer assistant named Karen she is also his wife and co-founder of Chum Bucket.

3. Grinch:

the grinch character
Picture Courtesy: Universal Pictures

Grinch is the main protagonist character of the 2008 iconic film The Grinch. He is an anti-social tall, green-furred humanoid. He hates people due to some past events. Moreover, he is a misanthropic, mean-tempered, and ill-natured humanoid. Furthermore, in the storyline when Christmas comes nearer and the celebrations become huge he decides to steal the Christmas with his dog because he get annoyed with its celebrations. In order to steal Christmas he decides to dress like Santa but by the end, he realizes his mistake and apologizes after returning all the gifts and toys to the people of Whoville.

2. Hulk:

hulk avengers character
Picture Courtesy: Marvel Animation

Hulk is one of the most famous Avengers. He is a fictional hero made by Louis Leterrier and Ang Lee. He is an ordinary man who becomes a green angry giant in anger. Moreover, His physical capability increases very much when he becomes Hulk. Furthermore, he has a childish, destructive, and angry personality.

1. Shrek:

shrek character
Picture Courtesy: DreamWorks Animation

Shrek is the main character of the 2001 blockbuster film Shrek. He is a giant green ogre who lives in the Scottish highlands. He likes to be alone because he is an introvert. Moreover, in the storyline, he signed a deal with King Farquaad. His mission is to rescue a cursed princess named Fiona. Furthermore, he is a dangerous, cranky, surly, and misanthropic ogre. He wears a white full-sleeved tunic, a brown mini turtle vest, and brown pants and boots. This iconic green cartoon character is fat and bald moreover, his different ears also make him look horror.


So Guys here are the top 10 most iconic Green cartoon characters of all time and their detailed information. I hope you have enjoyed reading this amazing, informative, and interesting blog about the top 10 green cartoon characters of all time. Thanks for reading.

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