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Best Disney Movies 2016 (Ranked)

We have discussed the Best Disney Movies 2016. In this blog, we have discussed each movie in detail with the plot and ranked them as well.

Hello guys and welcome to another interesting and informative blog. As we all know that 2016 is most probably one of the best years in the history of The Walt Disney Company. Because during this year, the company has released various successfully running movies. This year, 2016 is not only the best for Disney but for its fans and audience as well. This year has marked great memories in almost every heart through these outstanding Disney masterpieces. However, it is nearly impossible if you haven’t watched any Disney Movies 2016. But still only to help you in enjoying those cherished memories once again, we are going to discuss the “Best Disney Movies 2016 (Ranked)”. So let’s get back in the year, 2016 guys!

Best Disney Movies 2016:

Disney Movies 2016
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

7. Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

Disney Movies 2016 alice through the looking glass
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

So the first movie in our queue is Alice Through the Looking Glass. This amazing Disney movie is a sequel to the 2010 blockbuster film “Alice in Wonderland”. In the plot of this movie, Alice, who is now nearly twenty-two, returns to Wonderland after encountering a magical glass.  On her return, she is very happy to meet her old friends. However, this happiness and joy ended up when they told her that one of her beloved friends “Mad Hatter” is in deep trauma upon the loss of his family. After hearing this Alice takes a very difficult decision. The young girl decided to travel back in time, where she will help out his young friend Mad Hatter to save his family from the wicked Red Queen. This movie is most probably one of the Best Disney Movies 2016.

6. The BFG (2016)

Disney Movies 2016 the bfg
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

This movie begins with the story of a parentless girl named Sophia, living an ordinary life. Until she meets an extremely giant creature who takes her into the land of giants. At first, Sophia is too much afraid of him but soon she realizes that he is very different from the other giants there. Later in the movie, they become good friends and she gave her the name Big Friendly Giant which is abbreviated as BFG. All is going well in the storyline until the other giants start planning to conquer the humans. Now in order, to stop them and save the human world Sophia and BFG must have to act according to a well-managed plan. This outstanding film is one of the most famous and best Disney Movies 2016.

5. Pete's Dragon (2016)

petes dragon 2016 movie
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

The story of this one revolves around an unparented boy named Pete. A young boy lives in a jungle with his only best companion a dragon named Elliott. Pete and Elliot are living a happy and wonderful secret life. Until they get discovered a young lady named Grace. Next in the movie, Grace makes up a plan to discover the truth and prove the presence of a Dragon to the whole world with the help of Natalie, a young girl. This movie carries out the power of love and friendship of Pete with his best friend Elliot, including various emotional scenes as well. Most probably, it is one of the most emotional Disney Movies 2016.

4. The Jungle Book (2016)

the jungle book 2016 Disney movies
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

The Jungle Book 2016 is a live-action adaptation of one of the most popular Disney franchises The Jungle Book. The story of the film revolves around a young boy named Mowgli, who is grown up in a Jungle by a family of wolves. That’s the reason he has many animal friends as well. Moreover, he has learned various characteristics of different animals through them. The Mowgli’s life is going so well in the Jungle, but it’s not forever. As soon as a tiger named Shere Khan arrived in it.

This dangerous and foul character gets behind Mowgli’s life and wants to finish off him. Now with the help of his two best friends Bagheera, a panther, and Baloo, a bear, Mowgli must have to go on a hazardous and adventurous journey not only to save his life but to discover himself as well. This film is one of the most adventurous Disney Movies 2016.

3. Moana (2016)

moana 2016
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

This Disney movie is based on a girl, but who is not a princess like in other Disney films. She is Moana, the daughter of the tribal chief named Tui of the Polynesian island. The people of this Island are living very happily and safely until an ancient curse caused by Demigod Maui reaches them. After which the ocean call on Moana to find him and return the heart of Te Fiti, the island which brings life to the ocean, back to her. Now Moana must have to find the Demigod Maui and embark on a menacing and long journey with him, to save the people of her island. This movie is one of the most adventurous Disney Movies 2016 also.

2. Finding Dory (2016)

finding dory 2016
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

This 2016 Disney feature animated film is a sequel to the 2003 Disney blockbuster animated movie Finding Nemo. And so we are all very well familiar with the character of Dory in it. That she has a memory loss problem due to which she forgets everything after a little time. But still, there is one thing that she can’t forget and that is by some means she gets departed from her parents when she was too young. And from here the plot of this movie begins.

Dory’s biggest desire is to find out about her lost parents forcing her to plan to go on a prolonged journey for the search. And obviously, her only good friends Marlin and Nemo must have to help out her in it. This Disney movie is full of adventure and thriller. Moreover, it also helps us in learning the real values of a family. That’s why it is here at the second top in our queue for Best Disney Movies 2016.

1. Zootopia (2016)

zootopia 2016
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

This animated feature film by Disney is one of the Best Disney Movies 2016. The storyline of this film revolves around a rabbit named Judy Hopps. As she travels to a city named Zootopia, where all the animals live together happily and securely. Judy was appointed as the first-ever rabbit police officer. However, she is not trusted as much as her other animal colleagues by her boss Chief Bogo. From that day Julie’s only desire is to prove herself.

And luckily she got a chance to do so when some mysterious kidnappings started occurring throughout the city. However, it is not quite easy without the help of a friend, so Judy must have to work with Nick Wilde, a clever fox on this journey. However, they both dislike each other in the beginning but they end up with a great bond of friendship. This 2016 Disney animated feature film is the best of all time as well as most top in our queue.


So now in the end the conclusion of today’s blog is that guys. As we all know that Disney Movies 2016 has left out an indelible mark not only in the history of Disney but on the minds of Disney fans as well. However, I still to help you guys to enjoy these triumphs once more. We have discussed this blog “Best Disney Movies 2016 (Ranked)” here today and we hope that you guys have enjoyed reading out it. Thanks for your time.

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