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Top 10 Blonde Cartoon Characters of All Time

In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 blonde cartoon characters of all time. Their detailed information is written in summarized form. We have also ranked them in perfect order.

Hello guys and welcome to another informative, interesting, and useful blog. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the most beautiful hair color of our favorite character blonde hair color. Blonde is one of the most famous and beautiful hair colors and the fact that our most loved and famous cartoon character has blonde hair. At this point, I would like to mention Cinderella, Fred Jones, Kris Toff, and much more Today we will discuss 10 of the most famous blonde cartoon characters. So let’s begin.

Top 10 Blonde Cartoon Characters:

Blonde Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Belong to the Respective Owners

10. Ken (Barbie):

Blonde Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Mattel

Kenneth Sean Carson shortly known as Ken is the main character of the Barbie series. He was first introduced in 1961. Later he became the main part of Barbie. Moreover, he is a loyal, confident, supportive, dreamer, and compassionate doll. Furthermore, he was playing the most important character in the most recent Barbie named Barbie 2023. This movie has broken all the records this year and has a worth of 1.38 billion at the box office.

9. Tinker Bell:

Tinker Bell cartoon character
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Tinker Bell is the main protagonist character of the 2008 animation film Tinker Bell. The story of this movie revolves around a fairy named Tinker Bell. She is finding her talent and at last, becomes a tinker fairy. After all, she is a jealous, ill-temper, and vindictive person but she is the most helpful and kind. Moreover, she wears a green fairy dress and has grey eyes and blonde hair.

8. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

Aurora cartoon character sleeping beauty
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Aurora is the main character of the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. She is a princess cursed when she was born that she will die on her 16th birthday. However, a good fairy breaks the curse but unfortunately, she falls asleep and she will only wake up when her true love kisses her. In the old fairy tales, she sleeps for 100 years but in this movie, she does not sleep as much as 100 years.

Moreover, she is 16 years old. Furthermore, she is a loving, kind, graceful, gentle, shy, dreamy, optimistic, friendly, responsible and kind-hearted girl. Sleeping Beauty has a tall height, slim body, and long blonde hair with fair skin color and black eyes. Mostly she wears a pink or a blue dress.

7. Barbie:

Barbie cartoon character
Picture Courtesy: Mattel

Barbie was first aired in 1950 and became the most famous iconic cartoon character an inspiration and dream of girls. That’s why there are many Barbie films and shows. The most recent film Barbie 2023 was the blockbuster film of this year as its box office worth is 1.38 billion.

This film became the first 2023 film to rank in the top-worth box office film and ranked 15th. Now you all can understand the popularity of Barbie. She is 29 years old but still her age is not confirmed. Moreover, she is a kind, intelligent, brave, and confident girl having blonde hair and blue eyes. Mostly she wears pink outfits.

6. Bo Peep (Toy Story):

Bo Peep cartoon character toy story
Picture Courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios

Bo Peep is the main character of the 1995 famous and popular animated film series Toy Story. She is a shepherdess toy doll and the girlfriend of Cow Boy Woody, one of the main protagonist characters of Toy Story. Moreover, she wears a pink and white dress with dots, a hat, and black shoes but in the 4th installment she wears a blue outfit with a pink bow on her head but her shoes are still the same.
Furthermore, she has blonde hair and blue eyes that’s why we are adding her to this amazing blonde cartoon characters list. In the storyline, after a reunion with her close friend at the end of the movie Woody decides to stay with Bo Peep while the all other toys are going back to Bonnie. Woody gave her sheriff badge to Jessie. This cartoon character is here on the 6th in the list of blonde cartoon characters because of his exceptional comeback in the 4th installment of Toy Story 4.

5. Kristoff (Frozen):

kristoff cartoon character frozen
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Kristoff is the main character of the 2013 blockbuster film Frozen. He is a 21-year-old ice harvester. Moreover, he is the main supportive character of Frozen. Furthermore, he has a pet reindeer named Sven. A female troll named Bluda has adopted Kristoff his real parents are a mystery. Anna and Kristoff met at the trading post. After she is abandoned by Hans Anna realizes her true feelings about Kristoff. At the end of the movie, Anna becomes the Queen of Arendelle and gets married to Kristoff and Kristoff becomes the King of Arendelle.

4. Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls):

Blonde Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Cartoon Network

The Powerpuff Girls is a famous Cartoon Network show. It runs from 1998 till 25 March 2005. This show has 78 episodes and 6 seasons. It is one of the best cartoon shows on the Cartoon Network. This cartoon story revolves around three girls they are not girls they are artificial humans.

When Professor Utonium a good scientist is attempting an experiment, unfortunately, a chemical named Chemical X is added to it. They are superheroes I mean Blossom, Bubble, and Butter Cup the three amazing Powerpuff Girls.

That’s why we are going to add the cutest and kindest Powerpuff Girl to our list named Bubbles. She is 5 years old beautiful and the most emotional member of the Powerpuff Girls trio. Moreover, she has pigtails and blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes. Furthermore, she wears a blue and black dress. Most of the time everyone underestimated her but she also had the same abilities as her sisters. Her kindness with everyone including animals is exceptional.

Bubbles is one of the most loved blonde cartoon characters because of her sweetness.

3. Rapunzel (Tangled):

Rapunzel cartoon character tangled
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Rapunzel is one of the most famous and young princesses having 70ft long hair. Moreover, she is 18 years old. In the storyline, her hair has a magical power that’s why they are too long. When she is born she is kidnapped by an old hag she is only a few weeks old when she is kidnapped. She has spent almost 17 years of her life in a castle and never stepped out of the castle but when Flynn Rider came there everything changed. Furthermore, she thinks that Mother Gothel the old hag has been her mother for 17 years even though she loved her very much. But Mother Gothel also has affection but not with her she has affection for her hair. Mother Gothel is very overprotective of Rapunzel because the magic of Rapunzel’s hair is temporary if her hair can lose the magic.

The personality of this cartoon character is amazing as she is kind, funny, dreaming, shy, clever, confident, energetic, and innocent, curious person. Because of her personality, she is one of the most famous princess blonde cartoon characters.

2. Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo):

Blonde Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Warner Bros. Animation

Fred Jones is a young 17-year-old member of Mystery Incorporations. He is the leader of the fantastic Scooby Doo gang. Moreover, he is a brave and strong member of this mystery solver gang. Freddie’s full name is Frederick Herman Jones Jr. simply called Freddie. Furthermore, he wears a white full-sleeved shirt with an orange collar blue pants orange shoes, and an orange scarf. His father was Skip Jones and his mother was Peg Jones. After all how we can forget his amazing driving, deduction, and detective skills? Freddie is one of the most intelligent blonde cartoon characters.

1. Cinderella:

Cinderella cartoon character
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Today we are going to discuss the most beautiful and famous princess Cinderella. It is not mentioned in the story how old is she but according to some theories she is 19 years old because every girl has to be old enough to attend the King’s ball. In the storyline after her mother’s death his father remarried a cruel woman but unfortunately, he also died after some time. That is the day Cinderella’s evil stepmother and sisters start to treat Cinderella as a servant she is nothing more than a maid for them. Her life was very tough until the King’s ball came nearer. Prince was going to choose her bride in this special function. Cinderella first thinks that only her sisters and some other people are invited then comes to know that anyone can join the function.

Moreover, to discuss her personality I can say that she is a kind, beautiful, friendly, intelligent, dreamer, and good-hearted girl. It is the reason she has many animal friends that help her to prepare his late mother’s suit so she can wear it at the function but her cruel sisters ruin her dress and lock her in a room so that she cannot attend the function. At this point, her goodness becomes her weapon when her animal friends and fairy godmother help her to get out of the room and reach the function. Cinderella is one of the most famous and beautiful blonde cartoon characters.


So guys, here are the top 10 most amazing, famous, and popular and our favorite blonde cartoon characters. We have discussed detailed information about the top blonde cartoon characters. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this amazing blog about the top 10 most favorite popular and famous blonde cartoon characters from our most favorite shows. Thanks for reading.

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