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Top 10 Mexican Cartoon Characters of All Time

In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 mexican cartoon characters of all time. Their detailed information is written in summarized form. We have also ranked them in perfect order.

Hello Guys, we all have watched many different cartoon characters. Most of the characters are different in appearance and personality but some characters are unique due to their ethnicity. One of those are the Mexican cartoon characters. But it’s sometimes not easy to identify these amazing characters. That’s why we will list the top 10 Mexican cartoon characters in detail in today’s blog.

Top 10 Mexican Cartoon Characters:

Mexican Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Belong to the Respective Owners

10. Daniel Swérvez (Cars 3):

Mexican Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios

So, here at number ten of the Mexican cartoon characters. We have Daniel Swérvez from the all-time famous Cars series. Daniel Swérvez is one competitor of the main protagonist of the Cars Series, Lighting McQueen. He has made an appearance in the Cars 3. In looks, he is a purple car with racing number 19. Daniel is one of the few piston cup competitors who are not from the USA.

9. Isabella Garcia Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb):

Mexican Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Disney

Isabella is the friend of the genius duo Phineas and Ferb. She is Mexican as her mother is from Mexico. Isabella also leads a volunteer girl’s group known as Fireside Girls Troop 46231. She is very helpful to Phineas and Ferb. Isabella and other friends Baljeet Tjinder and Buford Van Stomm are part of the Phineas and Ferb Gang. She also has a crush on Phineas.

8. Soos Ramirez (Gravity Falls):

Mexican Cartoon Characters
Picture Courtesy: Disney

Here is a very unique character from the all-time favorite cartoon series Gravity Falls. Soos Ramirez is a worker at the Mystery Shack. He is very funny and childish by nature. But in some cases, his personality becomes very responsible. So, he has a unique personality. Moreover, he is one of the main characters of the Gravity Falls series. Soos helps the protagonists Dipper and Mable in their adventures. Furthermore, at the end of the Gravity Falls series, he becomes the owner of Mystery Shack.

7. Miguel Rivera (Coco):

Miguel Rivera character
Picture Courtesy: Pixar Animation Studios

Now, we have a character from one of the best Disney-Pixar movies ever. Miguel Rivera is the main character of the animated film Coco. It is nearly impossible to not include him in the list of Mexican cartoon characters. He is very passionate about music but his family doesn’t like Music. Moreover, if we look into his personality, he is very kind and loving. Miguel’s family is very well known for making shoes, he also works with his family to make shoes. He also has a pet dog named Dante, who was a stray dog before Miguel adopted him. Furthermore, Miguel loves his family very much.

6. Elena (Elena of Avalor):

Elena of avalor character
Picture Courtesy: Disney

Here we have got a Mexican cartoon character from Disney Princesses. Elena is the Princess of the Kingdom of Avalor. She is the main character of the series Elena of Avalor. If we look into her personality she is kind and helpful. After the death of her parents, she becomes the Ruler of Avalor. Elena tries her best to keep his kingdom peaceful and happy.

5. Tito (Oliver and Company):

Tito oliver and company
Picture Courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios

This one is from the Disney animated film Oliver and Company. Tito is a small Mexican dog. He is a Chihuahua with a short-tempered personality. He is very courageous to fight anyone.  Moreover, he is very helpful too.

4. Kitty Softpaws (Puss in Boots):

Kitty Softpaws puss in boots
Picture Courtesy: DreamWorks Animation

So, now we have a confident and clever character from the spin-off series of Shrek Universe. Kitty Softpaws is a female cat. She is one of the main characters of the Puss in the Boots film series. Kitty is the girlfriend of Puss in the Boots. Moreover, she is very brave and a master at stealing things. Furthermore, she is very well-mannered and courageous enough to destroy anyone.

3. Manny Garcia (Handy Manny):

Manny Garcia character
Picture Courtesy: Nelvana

The main character of one of the best childhood series Handy Manny. Manny Gracia is a handyman who loves his profession. He lives in the town of Sheetrock Hills. In this small town, Manny is quite popular for helping everyone. Moreover, If we discuss his personality, Manny is very calm and joyful. Furthermore, he is always accompanied by his 8 talking tools which help him in fixing. In addition to this, Manny also likes a girl named Kelly.

2. Diego Marquez (Go, Diego, Go!):

Diego Marquez character
Picture Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Now, here is a famous Mexican character from the preschool series Go, Diego, Go. Diego Marquez is the main character of Go, Diego, Go! show and a guest character in Dora the Explorer. He is a 8 years old boy, who embarks on different adventures to save the animals. Moreover, Diego always tries to encourage people to protect the environment. He is very brave and cool. In each episode, Diego solves the problems using his scientific knowledge and gadgets. Furthermore, He is the cousin of Dora Marquez. Like his cousin, Diego also likes to learn new things. He also has two elder sisters, Daisy and Alicia. The best friend of Diego is Jaguar, who is always with him.

1. Dora Marquez (Dora the Explorer):

dora the explorer character
Picture Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Finally, at the top of this Mexican cartoon characters list, we have Dora Marquez. She is the main character of the series Dora the Explorer. Dora is a kind-hearted and calm girl. She ventures on different adventures daily. Moreover, she is always accompanied by her monkey friend Boots. Dora loves to help others and solve their problem using different approaches. Dora is the cousin of Diego Marquez and also appears as a guest in the Go, Diego, Go! show. Furthermore, she has twin younger siblings, a brother Guillermo, and a sister Isabella.


So, after all the conclusion is that Mexican cartoon characters are surely best to watch. They have a unique appearance and personalities. Moreover, the series consisting the Mexican characters also has quite interesting storylines. That’s why in today’s blog we have discussed the top 10 Mexican cartoon characters of all time. Hopefully, this blog will be helpful for you. Thanks for Reading.

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